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Marilyn Monroe Monster High




Итак! Та самая Белоснежка, которая мелькнула внизу в постах!)

Моя перерисовка куклы “Дракулаура” от Monster High. Люблю ее всем сердцем.


This is my own ooak of Draculaura Monster High doll. I love her so much and hope you’ll like it )

she is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Legion, my Ringdoll Lucifer.



Born by   Dollxy

pass under the bridge of seven colors.

At this place where one can gaze upon several hundred million deaths,

You’re the only one I’ll free. Because…

Towards the overflowing of the rose-colored future, I tightly grasp your hand,

And you lift your face and smile…
Another old shoot I never posted please enjoy it.
Faceup and body blushing by the lovely asainemuri  <3


Fulci, my Dollzone Olga.
Faceup & blushing by Sadomina

I called her “Fulci” which reminds me of the poor bat which got gory killed in Lucio Fulci’s movie “The House by the Cemetary”