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* yay, found this little baby on the way home and couldn’t resist, I love them all and this one is perfect for getting me into the ℋαℓℓℴωℯℯη mood :)

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'Scary tales vol.6

Tann-2 (Also named Tanta-2)  AkagiDoll Boy

Doll Love Lenon by Love Doll

DL Arwen

Soul Sweet Coco by souldoll

RD Warren by ringdoll

Soul Double Xylene by Soul Doll

~ by Chateau Dolls


 Little Apple Doll by artist Ufuoma Urie

When Series 3 was announced for release, one of the dolls was described only as a “Mystery Doll”.

He has since emerged as the very first (and only) boy in the collection, Atrum.

The Trickster boy is awoken by the laughter of children and the sound of carnivale music. Little Apple Red says it is the music that makes him act the way he does. We cannot be sure if mischievous souls like him side with good or un-good. For Atrum it is not the treasure he finds; but the way in which he finds it … this is the most fun of all. ‘Tween All Hallows and November is his favourite time of all to go treasure hunting. He offers his findings to whoever makes the best offer 

'Atrum is around half the size of the other Little Apple Dolls and there are only 800 worldwide of him.


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